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Weedor System Pilot Project for Liberia

We are excited to announce that we have started piloting our School Management System in Liberia called Weedor for Liberia (WfL). We have partnered with a select group of schools to test the system’s functionality and effectiveness in improving education outcomes.

A Tech Nonprofit Seeking to Put School System in African Schools

Innovative Technology

Weedor will use cutting-edge technology that is innovative, scalable, customizable, secured, interoperable, cloud-based, mobile-friendly, and data driven.

Built for Impact

Weedor technology will address critical educational needs, provide data driven insights and analysis, and will be sustainable and financially viable.

Handled by Experts

Weedor technology will be developed, implemented and maintained by skilled and experienced professionals with expertise in software development, education, and project management.

Awesome Design

Weedor technology will ensure that it is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and intuitive. We will take into account the needs and unique challenges facing internet users in Africa.

Easily Customizable

Weedor technology will be easily customizable, allowing schools and school systems to adapt Weedor software to their specific needs and workflows without technical and coding skills.

Global Footprint

Weedor technology will be accessible to users regardless of their location and technological infrastructure. It will also be accessible in multiple languages.

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The Future of Weedor Technology

The Future of Weedor Technology

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Freequantly asked Questions

Yes, currently, Weedor software is free, however, applicants are required to meet certain requirements. Our main goal is to provide the best possible system for our users. In order to maintain the software and continue to innovate, there will be a minimum fee per student in the future, which we believe is a viable solution for sustaining the system and continuing to innovate.

No, you do not need to create a separate account for each school. Weedor Software is designed to support both single and multi-school systems, as well as school districts. You can easily manage and monitor all of your schools from one central account, making it convenient and efficient for you to use our system. However each will have a separate management system.

Yes, each school will have its own website and management system. Each school can create its own account under the main Weedor account and then create its unique website with its own customized features and branding. If a school is part of a school system, its account will be managed together with all the schools under that system.

No, Weedor Software is designed to allow multiple users with unique credentials to manage one account. This means that each person can have their own login credentials and access the school's account with their own user login, allowing for collaborative management of the school's account among multiple individuals. This helps ensure that different stakeholders involved with the school can have their own access and permissions within the system, making it easier to manage the school account collectively.

Yes, there is a difference between the owner/authorized administrator and the school account in Weedor Software. The owner/authorized administrator is the main account holder who has administrative privileges and can manage multiple school accounts under their ownership. The school account, on the other hand, refers to the individual account associated with each school that is created and managed by the owner/authorized administrator. Each school account can have its own settings, data, and access permissions, allowing for customization and management of each school's specific needs within the overall owner/authorized administrator's account. This allows for efficient management of multiple schools by a single owner/authorized administrator.

No, if you and your colleagues own the school, you do not need to manage your Owner/Authorized Administrator account using only one user login. Weedor Software allows for multiple users to be added under the primary account holder, who has exclusive rights over the account. Each additional user will have their unique login credentials and permissions, allowing for collaborative management of the school account. This means that you and your colleagues can have separate logins and manage the school account collectively with individual access and permissions.

With Weedor software, the owner/authorized administrator refers to the person or persons who have ownership or administrative rights over the school's account. The school admin, on the other hand, typically refers to the user who has been designated as the primary school account holder and has the highest level of administrative access within the school's account. This person may have additional privileges and responsibilities compared to other users with administrative access under the same school account. It's important to review the Weedor software documentation or contact their support team for detailed information on user roles and permissions within the platform.

Yes, as the school owner and school administrator, you can have both Owner Account privileges and school account administrator privileges. The Owner/Authorized Administrator account typically has higher-level permissions for managing the overall Weedor Software account, while the school account administrator privileges are specific to managing the individual school account. This allows you to have control over both the overall account and the specific school account as the owner and administrator of the school.

If the school administrator (principal or any administrator serving as school account administrator) resigns or is terminated, the owner or other authorized administrators of the school's Weedor Software account would need to take appropriate action to ensure the security and integrity of the account. This may include revoking the access of the former school administrator and assigning a new school administrator. It's important to promptly update the account credentials and access permissions to prevent any unauthorized access to the school's Weedor Software account. Proper account management and security protocols should be followed in accordance with the terms and conditions of Weedor Software to maintain the integrity and security of the school's data.

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